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Dog waste is raw sewage, NOT fertilizer. Harmful organisms from dog poop transmit readily to children and adults and can survive for months on the ground. Just one week of accumulated dog poop can host 700 BILLION bacteria. Mowing just spreads the contamination everywhere. Get the facts in this video (at right) demonstration and sign up for a FREE WEEK.

WATCH VIDEO: Is your yard incubating toxic waste?

Poop Facts You Should Know

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100 e coliThe EPA estimates per gram, dog waste contains 20 million live germs (parasites, bacteria, germs, pathogens and viruses) harmful to humans.

cow1Fertilizer comes only from grazing animals (herbivores) like cows, horses, sheep and goats. Their manure is healthy for plants because it is 100% plant material.

no-saleYou can become ill eating fruits or vegetables “fertilized” by dog poop, which explains why it has zero commercial value as a fertilizer while cow manure is 10¢ a pound.

shoesJust walking through poop-contaminated yards deposits more than 420,000 harmful bacteria on shoes of which 99% transfer easily to floors inside homes.

calendarFecal coliform and other bacteria found in dog waste can persist on the ground for months. Picking up dog waste removes 99% of the problem.

100 e coliThe EPA estimates per gram, dog waste contains 20 million live germs (parasites, bacteria, germs, pathogens and viruses) harmful to humans.

Sewage City, USA

Pathogens can transfer from contaminated grass to children.Hidden in the midst of North Central Texas is a city with a population of 1.2 million. It’s as large as the city of Dallas itself, but without a single flushing toilet.


Dog Poop is NOT Fertilizer

Millions of people in America grew up thinking dog waste was basically good for plants. Alas, scientists have discovered it was all wishful thinking. Dog poop is toxic.


Reasons to Scoop

  • Dog waste is NOT fertilizer. 
  • Dog waste is 100% toxic and has zero commercial value.
  • Dog waste contains 20 million germs per gram (1 gram = 1 kernel of corn).
  • Mowing dog waste contaminates your entire yard with trillions of live bacteria.
  • Parasites, germs, bacteria, pathogens & viruses in dog waste are harmful to humans.
  • Fecal bacteria stick to the bottoms of shoes and transfer readily to clean floors.
  • Fecal organisms can infect children, adults and other animals.
  • Roundworms and hookworms deposited by infected animals can live in the soil for long periods of time and can be transmitted to humans.
  • Storm water carries pet waste and bacteria directly into waterways.
  • Animal waste depletes the oxygen in the water and kills fish.
  • DFW's 1.2 million dogs deposit 900,000 lbs of toxic waste on the ground each day.

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