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Dog waste is raw sewage, NOT fertilizer. Harmful organisms from dog poop transmit readily to children and adults and can survive for months on the ground. Just one week of accumulated dog poop can host 700 BILLION bacteria. Mowing just spreads the contamination everywhere. Get the facts in this video (at right) demonstration and sign up for a FREE WEEK.

WATCH VIDEO: Is your yard incubating toxic waste?

The inspiration for our Dallas pet waste removal service was a little rescue dog. When just a puppy, Maria (aka Sgt. Pooper) was found abandoned at a rest stop along a lonely stretch of Interstate.

In an act of kindness, a traveler stepped out into the cold and called to the puppy. Wet and hungry, the little dog ran over and jumped into her arms.

Six months later the little dog had become a permanent member of the family with a shiny black coat like velvet to the touch. A year later she became our mascot.

Building on her earlier experience as a veterinary technician, my wife had the idea for a pet waste cleanup service. Animals have always been a passion, along with a concern for a greener environment. I am an entrepreneur, web designer and marketing professional who grew up in Dallas, and learned his craft in Los Angeles.

And that’s the story of Sgt. Pooper and the origin of our plan to help you “go green with a little help from your friends." Our mission is not just to clean lawns, but also to raise community awareness so that humans take full responsibility for animals and the environment we share.

By keeping Dallas-area yards clean and pet-waste free, Sgt. Poopers helps people and animals lead healthier happier lives. And taking it one step further, we support animal rescue organizations to help less fortunate animals in the DFW area.

Equipped with a relentless eye for detail and an unflagging love for animals and the environment, Sgt. Poopers is committed to professional service.


collageIt was twenty years ago today,
Sgt. Pooper groomed the yard his way.
We've been cleaning up every pile,
All guaranteed to raise a smile.
So may I introduce to you,
The dog you've known for all these years,
Sgt. Poopers’ Weekly Yard Command.

We're Sgt. Poopers’ Weekly Yard Command,
We hope you will enjoy the show.
We're Sgt. Poopers’ Weekly Yard Command,
Sit back and let your green grass grow.
Sgt. Poopers’ Weekly, Sgt. Poopers’ Weekly,
Sgt. Poopers’ Weekly Yard Command.

A little help from your friends

What would you think if “Rex” pooped importune?
Would you turn and pretend not to see?
Show me your lawn I'll clean all year long,
And I'll keep your grass waste-free.

Ooh, get by with a little help from your friends.
Beau-ti-fy with a little help from your friends.
Simp-li-fy with a little help from your friends.

Do you need anybody?
“I need my yard to improve.”
Could it be anybody?
“I just want the waste removed.”

Go clean with a little help from your friends.
Ooh, pristine with a little help from your friends.
St. Augustine with a little help from your friends.
Good hygiene with a little help from your friends.
Evergreen with a little help from your friends,
…with a little help from your friends!

Reasons to Scoop

  • Dog waste is NOT fertilizer. 
  • Dog waste is 100% toxic and has zero commercial value.
  • Dog waste contains 20 million germs per gram (1 gram = 1 kernel of corn).
  • Mowing dog waste contaminates your entire yard with trillions of live bacteria.
  • Parasites, germs, bacteria, pathogens & viruses in dog waste are harmful to humans.
  • Fecal bacteria stick to the bottoms of shoes and transfer readily to clean floors.
  • Fecal organisms can infect children, adults and other animals.
  • Roundworms and hookworms deposited by infected animals can live in the soil for long periods of time and can be transmitted to humans.
  • Storm water carries pet waste and bacteria directly into waterways.
  • Animal waste depletes the oxygen in the water and kills fish.
  • DFW's 1.2 million dogs deposit 900,000 lbs of toxic waste on the ground each day.

Service Area

We service Lakewood, the M-Streets, Preston Hollow, North Dallas, Bluff View, White Rock Lake, Old Lake Highlands, Lake Highlands, East Dallas, Hollywood Heights, Forest Hills, Swiss Avenue, downtown Dallas (high rises), Uptown, Turtle Creek, Highland Park, University Park, Richardson, Addison and more.
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