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Dog Waste
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pet waste removal

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Dog waste is raw sewage, not fertilizer. Harmful organisms from dog poop transmit readily to children and adults and can survive for months on the ground. Just one week of accumulated dog poop can host 700 billion bacteria. Life's too short not to take advantage of the time you'll save and our low, low prices.


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Welcome to a Cleaner World


Our Pet Waste Cleanup Service rids your yard of dog waste on a weekly basis for just $16.95/wk for one dog. We give you a clean, green, healthy yard, and make life more pleasant for you and your pets! (214) 563-6379

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Look! As low as $16.95
a week for one dog

Pet Waste Removal                     $16.95
Daily Dog Waste Removal       $13.20
Disinfecting                                       $6.95
Deodorizing                                    $12.95
Brown Grass Spot Repair         $11.95
Dog Waste Station Service      $16.95


THE Transmission of Disease

child in grass

Many parents don't realize how easily E. coli and other toxic bacteria in dog waste are transmitted to children. Germs on the ground readily transfer to shoes, carpet and feet.

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Dog Waste is NOT Fertilizer

bagging waste

Generations have grown up thinking dog waste "turns into dirt" or is "good for plants." No, dog waste poses serious health risks spreading disease like an open sewer in your backyard.

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Poop Facts You Should Know

e coli

  • Dog waste contains 20 million fecal germs per gram that survive months on ground.
  • DFW's 1.2 million dogs deposit 900,000 lbs of toxic waste/day on soil.  
  • Just walking on contaminated shoessidewalks deposits 420,000 fecal bacteria on shoes on average.
  • Up to 99% of fecal bacteria on shoes transfer easily to clean floors and can make you ill.
  • "Manure" comes from horses, cows, sheep and goats (herbivores). Manure is safe because it is plant matter.cow1
  • Dog waste has zero commercial value and is not safe for growing plants.

20 gas leaks caught in 5 years;
We are your eyes, ears (& Nose)

gas meter"Not only are they great at their job (rain or shine... winter or summer), Steve noticed that my gas meter was leaking (smelled the gas) in my backyard and alerted me immediately. Atmos came out and confirmed the leak. They said we were lucky! Thank you for taking care of not just my yard, but me and my family, too." J.M.


usatodayheaderFor as long as the dog has been man's best friend, dog waste has threatened nose and foot. Now science has revealed a more unsavory truth: It's a serious environmental biohazard.

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What customers say

"The team at Sgt. Poopers is fantastic. Not only do they do a great job removing everything from my yard but they're friendly. I highly recommend the service!" A.R.

"We have 5 dogs in our house and they were impossible to keep up with. It was taking us hours to clean the yard every week, and we still weren't getting it completely clean. Sgt. Poopers comes to the house on the same day every week, they don't disturb us at all while they're there, and they leave our yard totally spotless. When we initially called to try their service, the owner was extremely friendly, took my call fairly late in the evening, answered all our questions, and gave us our first week free. I really couldn't have expected any better, especially since the price is so reasonable. We will continue to be happy customers for the foreseeable future!" A.B.

"Highly recommend using Sgt. Poopers." S.R.

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Environmental Services


Sgt. Poopers is a conservation company.

Our ecological protocols are designed to safeguard human and pet health, maintain the balance of nature, and protect land and water resources. The urban environment is our forest floor and we treat every property like a National Park. Home and business owners rely on us to...

  • sgt poopers sealRemove above-ground contaminants: pet waste, wildlife waste, small dead animals, litter
  • Neutralize urine, biological odors & contamination: homes, businesses, trash/recycle bins
  • Eliminate environmental pathogens in yards, decks, patios, grass, grounds, gardens
  • Detect and document electronic radiation from EMF and RF fields flooding homes
  • Control toxic plants: poison ivy and poison oak
  • Pet waste station: maintenance, upgrade, installation
  • Spearhead conservation awareness

Infection Control and Germ Control

Sgt. Poopers disinfection protocols provide effective germ control by blocking primary germ inroads both outside and inside the home.

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all Residential and Commercial
Germ and Infection Control

Eradicating the Germs That Infect
The Surfaces we Touch

For just 2¢ per sq ft our Conservation Rangers can liberate you from the bane of infectious diseases by destroying the invisible pathogens that blanket the everyday world we touch. Houses, offices, restaurants, gyms, day-care centers, churches, schools and medical practices are pathogen-friendly environments that enable the ready transmission of disease. Our weekly disinfection service wipes out trillions of environmental pathogens in entire rooms with a 99.999% success rate. Sgt. Poopers has effectively pioneered one of the world's most effective 360° surface disinfection systems for touchless whole-room microbial decontamination.

  • Sgt. Poopers® Disinfection and Deodorizing buttonNon-contact does not spread germs around
  • Precise 360-degree coverage gets all sides of every object
  • Penetrates biofilm to kill 99.999% of germs and viruses
  • Non-toxic to people and pets
  • No noxious fumes
  • Non-staining, non-reactive, non-corrosive
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Deodorizes by killing bacteria that cause odor
  • Fast and affordable
  • Reduces frequency of illness
  • Reduces spread of illness to other family members

Our NON-TOXIC hospital-grade disinfectant is EPA-registered in all 50 states, NSF rated as "No Rinse Required" on food contact surfaces even at full strength, hypo allergenic, pH balanced, odorless with no offensive odor, no perfume, no fragrance, no taste. It is non-irritating to skin, non-corrosive and non-reactive so it is safe on treated articles including floors, carpeting, fabrics, natural stones, granite, marble, tile, plastics, furniture, wood, countertops, faucets, walls and draperies, plus electronic equipment like cell phones, keyboards, computers, laptops, monitors, stereos and TVs. Application does not require gloves or respirators; and it emits no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It's even listed by the CDC for use against bacteria, viruses including Coronavirus... even Ebola and antibiotic-resistant "superbugs" like MRSA and HAPI.

As a bonus, our process also kills and prevents spores from mold and mildew for up to seven months, breaks down and eliminates allergens from pet dander as well as dust mite and cockroach allergens. It also deodorizes since odors are caused by bacteria.

(214) 567-6379


Illnesses Spread via "Touch Points"

Image of a virus

Dangerous viruses and bacteria are spread by human hands via "touch points" including door handles, faucets, desks, countertops, keyboards, elevator buttons, stair rails, and tabletops. Germs are also brought inside on the bottoms of shoes, feet and paws. When we cross paths with a disease carrier, or share our home or workspace with someone who is ill, even our best efforts to remain healthy can be challenged. How can one person combat trillions of bacteria on surfaces in the home or at work?

Image of a fingerprint.Surface contamination is detected by measuring a substance called ATP, found only in the presence of living cells. The amount of ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, shows whether the surface is really sanitary or not. An ATP measurement of just 31 or higher is considered a “fail” in the food production industry. High levels of dangerous microorganisms correspond to an ATP count of 300 or higher and you will find that on,

  • 75% of sink faucets in company break rooms
  • 48% of microwave door handles
  • 27% of computer keyboards
  • 26% of refrigerator handles
  • 23% of water fountain buttons
  • 21% of vending machine buttons

These kinds of surfaces are easily decontaminated in seconds using our touch-free electrostatic disinfecting protocol.


Image of a spray and wipe system

The Problem of Cross Contamination

The traditional "spray and wipe" cleaning methods can make matters worse by spreading germs from each area into every other area via a rag or sponge. If one person at one table in a restaurant has a cold, others can be exposed to the virus when tables are wiped down. Trillions of pathogens are deposited on all sides of objects like doors, knobs, handles, and faucets. The chain reaction of infection reaches critical mass whenever microbes take up permanent residence on the backside of objects.


Resetting the pathogen count to near zero on Surfaces

Electrostatic disinfection at a commercial propertyOur Conservation Rangers liberate families and companies from the bane of infectious diseases by destroying the invisible pathogens that blanket the everyday world we touch. Our electrostatic spray technology induces an electric charge to spray droplets as they leave the nozzle. These charged droplets act like tiny magnets with a force stronger than gravity to adhere evenly on surfaces. What's more, this process achieves uniform surface coverage on all sides of every object in the room including the front, sides and  back of every handle, faucet, chair, seat and button. In minutes, Sgt. Poopers can sterilize an entire room to reset the pathogen count to near zero, killing up to 99.999% of all harmful bacteria on exposed surfaces.

In the past, this kind of technology was only available to hospitals. Today, we can disinfect your entire home or office, daily or weekly, for just 2¢ per sq ft.


Up to 99.999% effective against entire rooms contaminated by,

  • bacteria
  • viruses
  • pathogens
  • germs
  • microbes
  • spores
  • mold
  • mildew
  • fungus
  • Ebola
  • MRSA
  • C.diff
  • E.coli
  • Staph
  • Listeria
  • H1N1
  • Cold Virus
  • Flu Virus
  • Fecal coliform
  • And more

As if that is not enough, our hypoallergenic disinfectant leaves each room smelling great (fresh). It contains no artificial fragrances, perfumes, or scents. It is non-reactive, non-caustic, non-flammable, non-fuming, and non-staining.

Odors are generally caused by bacteria. We kill the bacteria so there is nothing left to smell bad. If you are selling your home or renting out apartments, call us in after the space as been cleaned. We will kill all the germs and rid the space of odors room by room.


Electrostatic Disinfection Explained (Graphic)

Electrostatic backpack sprayer

Charged particles emitted by our spray system blanket every exposed side of every surface in a room to eradicate up to 99.999% of live pathogens. As a result, our protocols significantly reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses reducing the spread of illness and significantly reducing sick days.

"Electrostatic" means a charge is placed on stationary objects whether they are large or tiny. For example, when you rub a balloon in your hair, you are applying a static charge of electricity which enables it to stick on the wall as if magnetized. The attraction from the static charge is stronger than the force of gravity! We use the same principle applied to tiny droplets of mist of hospital-grade disinfectant. These particles are only 20 to 80 microns. Precise coverage is achieved since droplets are only attracted to spots where a previous particle has not already landed.

Graphic diagram showing 360 degree coverage


Story: How Dallas Stopped Deadly Ebola in 2014

If you lived in Dallas in 2014, you no doubt remember the fear we all felt when Big D was invaded by Ebola. Make no mistake, we are using the same disinfectant and same electrostatic delivery technology used to answer the unfolding catastrophe in Dallas and STOP the spread of Ebola.

Sgt. Poopers® Chartered Conservationist badgeIt was September 30, 2014 when Thomas Eric Duncan (45) arrived at Dallas’ Presbyterian Hospital and was diagnosed with Ebola. He had come to Dallas to visit family, departing Liberia just days before. By October 4, Duncan's condition had deteriorated to "critical" and four days later, he died an agonizing death.  With blinding speed, the outbreak spread to the nurses who cared for him and that was when Dallas leaders tapped the power of electrostatic disinfection and the same hospital-grade non-toxic disinfectant we use today to reset the pathogen count in your home or place of business. 

At only 2¢ per square foot, our disinfecting protocols are much cheaper than getting sick.


The Science powering our Electrostatic disinfection system

Electrostatic disinfection of a bathroom

Electrostatic spray systems have been used for years in automotive and agricultural industries to ensure precise and uniform coverage. In our case our hospital-grade EPA-Registered disinfectant is atomized under high-pressure and simultaneously charged at the nozzle with a built in electrode. An electrostatic charge is produced on the surface of each droplet so that the entire spray plume acts like magnetic field. Droplets are attracted to every square millimeter of any surface in the immediate environment. The result is consistent, even coverage with no gaps.

Consistent coverage is achieved because opposite charges attract. Once a particle lands in a designated spot, the charge is reversed so it then repels further particles. This force of attraction is stronger than gravity and stronger than the force of inertia propelling the particle forward, so particles are actually able to reverse direction and adhere to the backs and sides of objects, not just the front. With coverage literally wrapping around each object, consistent coverage is attained and no germs are left standing.

The magnetically charged plume coats all sides of every object in the room, even hidden areas that would be impossible to reach with traditional methods. Within seconds, a microbial extinction event event is achieved in each room.


Backyard Dog Waste Disinfection

Many parents do not know the diseases in dog waste are easily transmitted to children and adults. Studies have shown that just walking on sidewalks deposits more than 420,000 live fecal bacteria on shoes. Dog waste is not fertilizer. It is above-ground sewage, every bit as toxic as human waste. The bacteria and viruses present in dog waste can survive for months on the ground and easy adhere to the bottoms of shoes or feet, where they are carried indoors and throughout your home.

To break this chain of infection we start in your backyard by focusing on the "hot spots" where dog waste touched the ground. As we remove each mound of waste, we thoroughly disinfect that spot to destroy the remaining pathogens. We use a non-toxic, hospital-grade disinfectant that is EPA-registered, CDC-listed, NSF-certified "No-Rinse Required on food preparation surfaces" that kills 99.999% of germs in seconds. (We can also quickly decontaminate all surfaces inside your home using our walk-through electrostatic disinfection.) Sgt. Poopers technology makes proper disinfection of backyards possible for the first time and help cut down the incidence of diarrhea, stomach aliments, and the like.

Backyard disinfection pricing chart

Learn More About Backyard Disinfection


Deck and Patio Disinfection

Deck dining with tables and chairs

Sgt. Poopers provides disinfection services for decks, patios and porches throughout Dallas, Tx with prices starting at just $11.95 per week.  We treat the entire surface area including outdoor furniture to reset the pathogen count to near zero wiping out 99.999% of harmful bacteria, viruses, even toxic black mold. In this way, we break the chain of infection by which disease is passed from birds, rodents and "filth insects" (like flies) to humans.

A good deal of pathogens are spread to outdoor surfaces by animals and insects. Flies and cockroaches are "filth insects" that deliberately spread bacteria to create illness which they profit by. If you get sick or die, there is MUCH more for flies and cockroaches to consume for generations to come. Also spreading significant numbers of pathogens are pets as well as wild animals including birds, squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons and more.

Learn More About Deck and Patio Disinfection


Roll-Cart Disinfection Service

Image of a boy moving a garbage cart

Bacteria and viruses thrive inside and outside garbage cans and roll-carts. The workers who empty these carts once a week have to touch every single garbage cart in the neighborhood which means bacteria are spread from each cart onto the outside of every other container that comes after. So if just one person in your neighborhood is sick, you can pick up those germs when you throw away your trash!

garbage disinfect deodorize prices

Learn More About Garbage Disinfection


Dumpster & Roll-Off Disinfection Service

dumpster disinfectionDumpsters are renown as a source of foul odors. If the dumpster is empty, the odor is due to bacteria encased on biofilm. By killing the bacteria the odor vanishes totally. To do that, we use an Eco-friendly, EPA-approved, CDC-listed, NSF-certified, no-rinse food-grade hospital disinfectant which kills 99.999% of germs within 60 seconds. To earn the title, “hospital disinfectant” the EPA requires an agent be proven to kill Pseudomonas aeruginosa—a nasty type of bacteria that hides within biofilm and is difficult to eliminate. Our disinfectant even kills superbug germs like,

  • HAIs: Healthcare Associated Infections
  • ca-MRSA: community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
  • ha-MRSA: the highly drug-resistant hospital-acquired MRSA
  • HPAI: Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza
  • Ebola

dumpster disinfect deodorize prices

rolloff disinfect deodorize prices

Learn More About Dumpster Disinfection


Whole-House Disinfection Service

house den

Contagious germs that make you sick are brought into your home from outside — on hands, bottoms of shoes, and even packages you carry. Common touch-points become contaminated with disease so the first step is to thoroughly disinfect these touch-point surfaces. To do that, we must do what many other disinfectants were incapable of doing: penetrating the slimy microscopic biofilm structures in which bacteria and viruses thrive. Biofilm causes up to 65% of all microbial infections and puts bacteria beyond the reach of cleaners and traditional disinfectants. In fact, biofilm makes bacteria 1,000 times more resistant to antimicrobials. The good news is our disinfectant penetrates biofilm and delivers 360° touchless whole-room microbial decontamination. In two minutes or less, our protocol kills up to 99.999% of all harmful bacteria on exposed surfaces in an entire room!

The lack of proper surface management is another reason why 5% to 20% of the US population comes down with the flu each year. Tens of thousands must be hospitalized and thousands die from flu-related complications (a higher death toll than from car accidents). The flu virus costs an estimated $10.4 billion a year in direct medical expenses and an additional $16.3 billion in lost earnings annually.

house disinfection prices

Learn More About House Disinfection


Gym Disinfection Service

Image of gym machines

Virtually everyone in a gym wants to be more healthy. Unfortunately, you're not just pumping iron at the gym; you're also pumping germs! The constant stream hands touching equipment loads every surface with a multitude of germs. Those germs are also spread via hand towels to every other piece of equipment setting the stage to spread disease. Our Conservation Rangers break the chain of infection by removing the threat of pathogens from the everyday things we touch. Our no-touch electrostatic spray technology applies an electrical charge to each disinfectant droplet. Acting like tiny magnets, the mist adheres to exposed surfaces on all sides of each object, making for true 360° disinfection to reset the pathogen count to near zero.

commercial disinfection prices

Learn More About Gym Disinfection


Day-Care Disinfection Service

Image of crayons at a day-care

Parents dread having their kids sick all the time from germs they pick up at day care, a problem which is exacerbated when the parents themselves contract the illness from their child. Staying ahead of disease by breaking the chain of pathogen mobility is now possible for the first time in history. Traditional spray and wipe methods only make matters worse! To keep kids healthy, Sgt. Poopers employees one of the world's most effective surface disinfection systems for whole-room microbial decontamination.

commercial disinfection prices

Learn More About Day-Care Disinfection


Office Disinfection Service

Image of finger pushing office elevator button

When dangerous microbes are spread from contaminated areas via elevator buttons, door handles, desktops, chair arms, stair rails, desktops and keypads, even our strongest efforts to remain healthy can be defeated. Within minutes Sgt. Poopers Conservation Rangers can sweep an office disinfecting every space in minutes, room by room. In seconds, every button, handle, railing, door, keyboard, monitor, cabinet, counter and desk top is sterilized and germ free. According to CDC, absenteeism costs US businesses $1,685 per employee each year. The consequent productivity gaps translate into a $225.8 billion loss for employers. Our daily or weekly disinfection protocols vanquish 99.999% of disease causing pathogens from every room in a business, from the front door to the back loading dock saving thousands of dollars in lost revenue in the process.

commercial disinfection prices

Learn More About Office Disinfection


Restaurant Disinfection Service

Image of restaurant tables

Traditional approaches to surface contamination were hopelessly outnumbered by trillions of pathogens and under-performing disinfectants. The "spray and wipe" approach to cleaning tables just spreads germs from one surface to every other surface. Microbes are too numerous and multiply too rapidly making it virtually impossible to ensure proper surface disinfection by spray and wipe methodology. Sgt. Poopers touchless technology is different and state of the art. We come by after hours and in one quick sweep disinfect all sides of every surface including tables, chairs, salt and pepper shakers, catsup and mustard bottles, not to mention kitchen equipment and more!

commercial disinfection prices

Learn More About Restaurant Disinfection


Church Disinfection Service

Image of church pews

We could be wrong, but there's probably no germ problems in Heaven, so perhaps we should dispense with them at church? For the first time, this impossible feat is no miracle. Our Conservation Rangers can sweep through once or twice a week or even daily to banish pathogens into oblivion. Within minutes we leave every pew, railing, seat, and hymnal cover clean and pristine so parishioners may be favored not only by the word of God, but with the blessing of good health to keep them coming back every week.

commercial disinfection prices

Learn More About Church Disinfection


School Disinfection Service

Image of school classroom

School grounds and classroom settings that harbor bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens are unsafe as long as these touch points remain untreated. Sgt. Poopers can visit your school once a week or even daily to teach Germ Lesson 101: school is no place for microbes. With our touchless, electrostatic spray technology there is no need to wipe down surfaces so cross contamination is reduced to zero.

commercial disinfection prices

Learn More About School Disinfection


Medical / Dental Clinic Disinfection Service

Image of a clinic medical

If you want to know how dangerous infection really is, consider that Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs) are the most common complication from hospital care today. There are 772,000 cases of HAIs annually resulting in 75,000 deaths per year. HAIs are real diseases contracted directly from tables, door knobs, seats, and surfaces of healthcare facilities. HAIs are easily spread in clinical settings through contaminated surfaces including door handles, vending machines, elevator buttons, bed railings, TV remotes, and call buttons.

In minutes Sgt. Poopers can reset the pathogen count of any room to down to near zero for every surface. And we do it remarkably affordably at near 1/100th the price of what other companies charge.

commercial disinfection prices

Learn More About Medical Practice Disinfection


Kennel & Veterinary Clinic Disinfection Service

Image of a veterinary clinic

Surface contamination isn't just a problem for people. Pets need to be shielded, too. Our Conservation Rangers can disinfect your veterinary examination rooms, waiting areas, and labs. We handle pet stores, clinics, shelters, doggie day-care, boarding facilities, kennels, and grooming salons. We eliminates 99.999% of bacteria, mold, mildew and other fungi including parvovirus, distemper, ringworm, Bordetella (kennel cough) and even antibiotic-resistant superbugs like MRSA. Our treatment also removes odors which are caused by bacteria. Despite it's amazing power, our application is non-toxic and safe for pets and safe for surfaces including brick, tile, stainless steel, granite, natural stone, wood, carpet and plastics.

commercial disinfection prices

Learn More About Veterinary Clinic Disinfection


Car, Truck, Van Disinfection Service

Image of a vehicle interior.

Germs thrive in enclosed spaces and vehicles top the list. Cars, SUVs, delivery vans, box trucks, semi trailers, heavy construction equipment and agricultural machines are all safer for humans when getting inside one isn't like riding inside a noxious petri dish. When dangerous microbes are spread from contaminated areas via door handles, steering wheel, arm rests, seats, dials and buttons, even our strongest efforts to remain healthy can be defeated. Within minutes Sgt. Poopers Conservation Rangers can treat a vehicle to disinfect every surface leaving it 99.999% sterilized and germ free.

car truck van disinfect prices

Learn More About Automotive Disinfection


Truck and Trailer Disinfection Service

Image of rows of semi trucks

Regulations may require shippers, carriers and receivers to use sanitary transportation practices to prevent contamination. In less than two minutes Sgt. Poopers can disinfect the floor, side walls and roof of a box truck or trailer of any length to penetrate biofilm and kill 99.999% of all bacteria and viruses leaving it sterilized and germ free. Our electrostatic application ensures uniform coverage and proper dwell time for germs to get what's coming to them: total destruction.

box truck trailer disinfect prices

Learn More About Truck Disinfection


Ultraviolet Forensic Inspection

Image of biological residues under UV lightImage of UV forensics lightJust because surfaces look clean does not mean they are clean. See where germs really are so problem areas can be addressed with our disinfection and deodorization protocols! Our high-intensity ultraviolet light reveals biological residues that may shock you. These germ-bearing remains contain tell-tale molecules that fluoresce when excited by ultraviolet light. This premium service may be added to any of our regular disinfection or deodorization services. Requires darkness.

ultraviolet forensic inspection prices

Learn More About Ultraviolet Disinfection


Infection Control Summary

Sgt. Poopers® graphic from our original 2008 website

An environment contaminated by hostile bacteria is no walk in the park! Our disinfection protocols are designed to protect and conserve the most precious parkland of all — the one where you live and work. It’s like having a park ranger in own backyard which is why we say, “We treat your yard like a National Park!” 

Sgt. Poopers is a conservation company, so our protocols are based on the principles of conservation. Our approach is common-sense, holistic, always safe, and 100% effective. Our methodology works and you will see immediate results. On top of everything else, no contract is required. We do not use toxic chemistry that can harm people or pets. We restore the balance of nature and make living environments safe for you, children, pets, and beneficial insects like honeybees and butterflies. Please tour our website to learn more. If you have any questions, please call us today at (214) 563-6379. For your convenience, you may also request services from this site.

Steve Hall, Conservation Advocate   signature

Steve Hall
CEO & President, Sgt. Poopers
Conservation Advocate

We would like to thank you for your interest in Sgt. Poopers. We look forward to serving you in the near future!

Proudly serving neighborhoods throughout greater Dallas, Texas

Monday–Friday: 8AM–8PM
Saturday: 8AM–5PM
Sunday: 9AM–8PM

(214) 563-6379

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Who provides infection control in dallas, texas?

Sgt. Poopers protects people from infectious diseases by destroying the invisible pathogens that blanket the everyday world we touch. Prices start at just 2¢ per square foot for weekly service. Houses, offices, restaurants, gyms, day-care centers, churches, schools, medical clinics, kennels and veterinary centers, cars, trucks, trailers and more are all pathogen-friendly environments that enable the ready transmission of disease. Their disinfection service wipes out trillions of environmental pathogens in entire rooms with a 99.999% rate of success. Their touchless whole-room microbial decontamination is a 360° surface disinfection system. Call (214) 563-6379

Who provides germ control in dallas, texas?

Sgt. Poopers protects people from infectious diseases by destroying the invisible pathogens that blanket the everyday world we touch. Prices start at just 2¢ per square foot for weekly service. Houses, offices, restaurants, gyms, day-care centers, churches, schools, medical clinics, kennels and veterinary centers, cars, trucks, trailers and more are all pathogen-friendly environments that enable the ready transmission of disease. Their disinfection service wipes out trillions of environmental pathogens in entire rooms with a 99.999% rate of success. Their touchless whole-room microbial decontamination is a 360° surface disinfection system. Call (214) 563-6379


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Eradicating Germs


Sgt. Poopers uses a cutting-edge, food-grade, EPA-approved and NSF-certified hospital disinfectant to break the chain of infection at the molecular level. Non-toxic to humans, pets, and plants, it reacts with molecules in the amino-acid proteins that form the membrane of bacteria and viruses. This reaction causes 99.999% of harmful microbes to epa logo horizontalrupture (oxidize) and die in seconds.

nsf markWhen Ebola struck Dallas in 2014, this is what hazmat workers used to successfully decontaminate infected spaces. It is an EPA-registered antimicrobial that meets CDC criteria for use against lethal pathogens, yet this same disinfectant is so safe you can wash your hands with it. It is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-hazardous, non-reactive, non-corrosive, non-fuming, and non-staining. It is NSF certified as "No Rinse Required" on food preparation surfaces. Respirators or rubber gloves are not requiredcdc logo for application. It is simply one of the best, safest and most effective disinfectants there is. We're proud of it especially becasue it works. LEARN MORE

Is Your Patio a Pet-Waste Crime Scene?

Is Your Patio a Pet-Waste Crime Scene?

Forensics technology to reveal pet-waste residuesULTRAVIOLET FORENSIC DETECTION
When pets break the law, the crime scene is contaminated by germs that pose a risk to human health. But this case never goes cold since bacteria can survive indefinitely on floors, patios, decks and walkways where 99% are easily tracked into your home! To end illegal germ migration, Sgt. Poopers utilizes forensic technology — ultraviolet light and protective goggles to reveal what your eyes can't see. Then we disinfect using an EPA-approved and NSF-certified hospital disinfectant to remove all traces of the crime and deodorize at a molecular level. If you believe your pet is involved in germ trafficking, call the Pooper Hotline at (214) 563-6379. Justice will be served.

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We do more than just clean!

We do more than just clean!

Our Conservation Rangers are your eyes and ears. We catch problems all the time and alert clients free of charge: gas leaks; poison ivy; toxic mushrooms that can kill kids or dogs; clogged drains/flooding; broken water/sewer/irrigation systems; malfunctioning pool pumps; storm damage; broken/hanging tree limbs; downed powerlines; roof damage; lightning strikes; broken gates/fences; Poison mushroomopen car doors/garage doors; standing water breeding mosquitoes; fire ant mounds; wasp nests; bug infestations; dead wildlife; venomous snakes (photo of water moccasin on a client's porch); dog health issues; dog urine brown spots in grass; and lost items/keys/toys.

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EMF and RF Protection

EMF and RF Protection

Sgt. Poopers EMF and RF Lock Down protects you from electrosmog“Pollution” is not just chemicals and trash. Electrosmog is a severe environmental toxin in every home and business. Thousands of studies since the 1960s have shown even low levels of ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) and Radio Frequency (RF) radiation (including radar / microwave)Sgt. Poopers Radioactivity Lock Down protects you from ionizing radiation accelerates premature aging, weight gain, sleep / digestive issues, vertigo, tumors, cancer and leukemia. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security while bathing in toxic radiation around the clock. Do your own research! Electrosmog is no joke. Our Radiation Lockdown measures toxic radiation, identifies each source, and explains how to fix.

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Eradicating Odors


epa sealOdors are caused by bacteria. In the Texas heat it doesn't take long for foul odors to ruin outdoor activity.  Removing the waste is vital and helps a lot but leaves behind billions of odor-causing germs... which incidentally are easily tracked indoors. Our EPA-registered odor eliminator neutralizes the source of odors at the molecular level.

The smell of dog waste is alarming because it represents a compelling risk to human health. Our antimicrobial deodorizer destroys the cause of malodor by oxidizing the microscopic organisms that cause the odor in the first place. The smell simply vanishes right before your eyes... nose. No scents, perfumes nor fragrances are needed because there's nothing left to "cover up." It’s hypoallergenic, non-hazardous, dallas logonon-irritating, and contains no volatile compounds (VOCs) to pollute our beautiful City of Dallas atmosphere and your Dallas neighbors will surely appreciate the odor-free air!