Conservation is a "dirty job" as TV's Mike Rowe would say. But what job isn't? Most "clean jobs" are polluted by deadlines and unreal expectations, monotony and wage disputes, office politics, scope creep, moving goal posts, broken agreements, senseless rules, discrimination, not to mention the deterioration of health from sitting in a chair all day. Our Conservation Rangers can't clean up your job, but what we can do is restore the sanctity of your own backyard where Mother Earth provides a refuge and Nature can soothe your soul.

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Snow on the ground in Dallas Feb 4, 2011

Can't Work Today

There will be no pooper scooping today (02/04/2011) in Dallas, due to a significant amount of snow on the ground.

There aren't many weather events that stop us from making our daily rounds. Lightning can sometimes stops us for a few minutes, but lightning storms are usually fleeting. We take a break for half an hour until the front passes through and the lightning dies down.

Rain doesn't stop us and doesn't deter our ability to disinfect, since our hospital-grade disinfectant is not only water soluble, it is "hydrolyzed" by water, which means it does not undergo any chemical breakdown due to reaction with water. In fact, extra water seems to help it reach further down to problem areas, especially when deodorizing for the smell of urine. We carry full rain gear in our trucks so even if it's pouring, we stay relatively dry.

Cold doesn't stop us either, even when it goes below freezing. Cold weather is just about dressing warmly and wearing layers.

Heat can be fierce in Texas, but we have solutions for that, too, including athletic fabrics that stay dry, short pants, air conditioning, "snap-cool" cloths, and of course we try to park in shade.

In summary, our attitude can be summed up as "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." Most people associate those words with our modern postal service, but in fact they date back to Herodotus, an ancient Greek, who described the angarium, the ancient Persian system of mounted postal carriers about 500 B.C. who operated exactly like America's Pony Express!

Though it is rare in Dallas, heavy snow or ice forces us to clean our client's yards the following day... or as soon as the snow melts.

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