Conservation is a "dirty job" as TV's Mike Rowe would say. But what job isn't? Most "clean jobs" are polluted by deadlines and unreal expectations, monotony and wage disputes, office politics, scope creep, moving goal posts, broken agreements, senseless rules, discrimination, not to mention the deterioration of health from sitting in a chair all day. Our Conservation Rangers can't clean up your job, but what we can do is restore the sanctity of your own backyard where Mother Earth provides a refuge and Nature can soothe your soul.

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Sgt. Poopers booth at the Walk Wag Run event

Walk, Wag Run

Once again we sponsored the Walk Wag Run and what a day it was. We did hundreds of demonstrations for residents stopping by our booth. Every visitors received tons of freebies given out by many of the booths, which included area pet stores and others related to the pet industry.

The Dallas Water Department demonstrators were there as usual, also doing their own demonstrations for local residents to raise awareness about the importance of picking up after their pooch.

The weather was beautiful as you can see from the photo, a perfect October day. We were glad to play a small part in helping to raise community awareness.

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