Dog Waste Station #2

Dog Waste Station with strap bag dispenser.

Custom dog waste station #2 with strap-bag dispenser

Dog Waste Station #2 WITH Strap-bag dispenser

Pros: Conservation Arrowhead sign, easiest bag to remove, best for arthritic hands

Cons: Bags are 150% more expensive than standard 3-roll style

OUR PRICE: $519.00


  • 5-color "Ecological Conservation Area" sign measures 18 in tall x 12 in wide x .080 guage aluminum
  • Can be further customized to include your park or common area, city and state
  • Dispenser holds 800 bags
  • Rectangular 11-Gallon Waste Container
  • Sealed Weathertight Design
  • Locking Tilt-Door
  • Easy to remove & replace bags
  • Sealed Chute System blocks unwanted trash
  • Hardware (nuts, bolts, locks, and keys)
  • Industrial-Grade Square Post
  • Includes 400 Waste Bags
  • Includes 50 Can Liners
  • 5-Year Guarantee on parts
  • Installation Instructions

100% Commercial Grade Aluminum/Metal Construction Built to Last

Available in GREEN or BLACK (does not change arrowhead sign colors)

Screen-Printed and Powder Coated to last! This station comes with the LOCKING SQUARE CAN with Tilt-Door for easy emptying and Fully Sealed Chute to stop odors, insects, pests and vandals.

Strap bag dispenser open



Strap bag dispenser close upWorld-class marketing aesthetics to generate maximum participation and solve your dog waste problem.

Weight: 65 lbs. Height: 73 inches above ground

Everything packed into one box – ready to open and assemble.

Easy to follow instructions.


Color (Required)
Name of park or common area
City and State

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Chute Deposit

Chute Deposit

Clever chute system allows only small articles to be deposited, restricting its use to dog-waste bags. Open-style containers quickly become overfilled with cups, cans, wine bottles, and picnic trash which defeats the purpose of having a dog waste station. Open-style containers attract flies and fill up with rain which breeds mosquitoes and makes a nasty mess! Our sealed design keeps odors inside and keeps out rain water, insects, pests and vandals.
Locking Tilt Door

Locking Tilt Door

Locking container door tilts open for easy removal of trash bags from our 11-gallon continer. Inexpensive "tall kitchen trashbags" (13-gallon size) fit perfectly and are available at any grocery store, Sams Club, Cosco, WalMart, or Amazon. Sealed design locks in odors, and locks out flies, mosquitoes, rodents, rain water, and vandals.

Professional Installation

If you live in the greater Dallas, TX area and purchase a dog waste station from us or from someone else, we can professionally install it for you. We supply tools, concrete, transportation, post-hole, assembly—everything. We dig a hole 14 inches deep and set the post in concrete so that it will stand up straight. Without the concrete, dog waste stations tend to lean to one side with time. Our installation service includes the following:

  • Supply tools — post hole digger, level, etc.
  • Supply materials — 80 pounds of concrete, water
  • Supply transportation
  • Dig an 14" post-hole
  • Set the post vertically at the proper height
  • Brace the post
  • Mix and pour concrete
  • Return the following day
  • Remove bracing
  • Assemble parts
  • Stock initial supply of trash bags and poop bags
  • Clean up site
  • Haul away shipping cartons

dog waste station installation price


WEEKLY Maintenance

Available in Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas.
Prices include standard-roll-style dog waste bags, trash bags, disinfectant, deodorizer, cleaning supplies, waste disposal fees.
(Fees may be slightly higher for other types of bags).

  • Arrive each week on schedule
  • Clean off dirt, dust, and spider webs
  • Remove full trash bag
  • Disinfect and deodorize inside vault
  • Install clean trash liner
  • Restock dog waste bags
  • Disinfect outside vault including chute handle
  • Leave it shiny like new
  • Pick up nearby trash
  • Haul away waste

 dog waste station weekly service prices