Dog Waste Removal FREE Offer

Dog waste removal FREE week offer

Sgt. Poopers provides a free week of pooper scooping when you sign up.

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Your FREE Dog Waste Removal Service!

Sgt. Poopers® Conservation ArrowheadDo you lack the time to keep up with pooper scooping? Call (214) 563-6379 and sign up. Your first week is free!  We are usually able to start immediately.

Each week thereafter, we will remove all dog waste from your yard.  By keeping yards clean and waste free, Sgt Poopers® saves you time and enables better health. Microbes from fecal matter transfer easily from grass, to shoes to floors inside your home. Weekly or even daily removal is the solution.

We encourage you to go clean and green “with a little help from your friends” at Sgt Pooper. We’ll remove all traces of animal waste, disinfect and deodorize, on the same day each week, making life healthier for you and your pets. Questions? Call us at (214) 563-6379. We look forward to hearing from you today.

All dogs need a little help from their friends since they can't pick up after themselves. Dog waste is raw sewage, not fertilizer. Harmful organisms from dog poop transmit readily to children and adults and can survive for months on the ground. Just one week of accumulated dog waste can host 700 billion bacteria. Our Pet Waste Cleanup Service in Dallas rids your yard of dog waste on a weekly basis. We even disinfect and deodorize to reset the pathogen count back to near zero and give you a clean, green, healthy yard. That's how Sgt. Poopers makes life more pleasant for you, your pets, and the environment.

We are proud to serve Homes across Greater Dallas

Sgt. Poopers® Chartered Conservationist badgeOur professional Conservation Rangers clean more than 13,000 yards per year across the Greater Dallas area, and every client starts with a free week. As chartered conservationists, we are the only provider with the know-how to reset the pathogen count at your residence both inside and outside. DFW homeowners depend on us for animal waste control, germ control, odor control, toxin control, pest control. We even help control electronic radiation which has become major environmetal toxin. Wherever environmental toxins reside, we can handle them whether outside or inside your home. Sgt. Poopers services for residential clients include,

  • Provessional Pet Waste Cleanup
  • Disinfection and Deodorization of yards, patios, decks, and pool areas
  • Lawn Burn (brown spot) prevention and restoration
  • Weekly Litter Clean Up
  • Garbage Disinfection and Deodorizing
  • Electrostatic Disinfection inside homes

Dog was is above-ground sewage and contaminates the landscape; fecal germs are tracked inside your home on feet and paws and take up permanent residence on floors, furniture, and more. Outside, we wipe them out by removing the waste, disinfecting and deodorizing. In addition to getting rid of the germs, we can eradicate the odors from solid waste and urine. Then we also bring our knowhow inside using electrostatic disinfection to enact whole-room disinfection on all surfaces.

To learn more about electrostatic disinfection click here.


Residential Dog Waste Removal Service Description

Sgt. Poopers® Disinfection and Deodorizing buttonINTRODUCTORY SPECIAL:  When you sign up with Sgt Poopers, your first week of dog waste removal is FREE. If you have a backlog (more than two weeks of waste) we do charge a fee for that.

SGT. POOPERS® REGIMEN: We come every week on the same day(s) and professionally clean your yard. We ask that you unlock your gate on the service day, or give us the combination or key so we can access your yard. Rain doesn't prevent our work. Payment is handled weekly by credit card. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. Additional fees apply for front yards and oversize yards ($3 to $6, depending on size).

IF YOU FORGET TO UNLOCK GATE: If we arrive but can't get in, we'll attempt to reach you by knocking, ringing the bell, texting and phoning. If we can't reach you, don't worry this cloud has a silver lining. Although we will charge as usual to cover our time, on our next scheduled visit we will not charge you extra although we will be doing double the work. Your cost is the same. Alternately, we can make a second trip, but there will be a small fee for the extra drive time.

OUR SERVICE AREA: Dallas, Highland Park, University Park, Richardson, Addison, Farmers Branch, and portions (near Dallas) of Carrollton, Plano, Garland, Mesquite, Irving, Oak Cliff.


Dog Waste Disease Facts

Dog and child in grass

our services HELP PREVENT: Dysentery, cholera, hepatitis, typohoid, tuberculosis, ear infections, blindness, roundworm, tapeworm, hookworm, Giardiasis, Salmonellosis, Toxocarosis, Campylobacteriosis, Gastroenteritis, Cryptosporidiosis & Cysticerosis.
We also help prevent rodents, roaches and flies (all thrive on dog waste) which in turn, spread other diseases. One house fly can easily carry more than a million bacteria on its body. Ref: USA Center for Disease Control at


Poop Facts You Should Know

  • Image of toilet in a backyard

    Dog waste is not fertilizer (manure) which comes only from herbivores
  • Manure comes from cows, horses, sheep, and goats; not dogs
  • Manure is good for plants because it IS plants
  • DFW's 1.2 million dogs deposit 900,000 lbs of toxic waste on the ground each day
  • Per the EPA, dog waste contains 20 million germs per gram (kernel of corn size)
  • Fecal bacteria and  viruses can survive for months on the ground
  • Shoe average 420,000 live bacteria from dog waste on their soles
  • Up to 99% of fecal bacteria transfer easily to clean floors inside homes
  • Cow manure is 80¢ lb, dog waste has $0 commercial value because it's toxic


Dog waste Environmental Impact

Sgt. Poopers® Mascot, Maria 2006-2017What if your toilet emptied into your backyard. Disgusting? Well, having a dog defecate there is worse. By. Far.

Dogs feces contain more than sixty human-communicable diseases. One gram of dog poop contains more than 20 million “parasites, bacteria, germs, pathogens and viruses harmful to humans” according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Dog waste has no value, unlike manure, because fruit or vegetables grown in dog poop can make people ill.  Manure only comes from grazing animals (vegetarians) like cattle, horses, sheep and goats that don’t eat meat. Their manure is healthy for grass because it is grass. Dogs are meat eaters.

Dogs produce 10 times the fecal coliform of plant eating animals like cattle. Fecal organisms from dog waste can easily survive for months and longer on the ground. Toxocaris (roundworm) eggs remain viable for up to 3 years and readily infect humans. A study found that walking through poop-contaminated yards put some 421,000 harmful bacteria on shoes. Worse, up to 99% of those bacteria transferred easily to tiles and carpet inside homes. (Ref: Department of Soil, Water & Environmental Science at the University of Arizona, April 2008)

If that’s not bad enough, rain and sprinkler systems wash germs directly into lakes and rivers—the source of our drinking water. That’s why with 1.2 million dogs in north Texas, dog waste is a leading cause of groundwater pollution—the daily equivalent of an entire city’s sewage—untreated and unchecked—unless someone picks it up! In fact, DFW dogs produce 900,000 lbs of solid waste per day much of which is washed into our waterways including White Rock Lake, Turtle Creek and the Trinity River.

Many diseases can be spread from dog poop to humans just by walking through contaminated grass. Dog poop also breeds flies that, in turn, spread other diseases. One house fly can easily carry more than a million bacteria on its body. Ref: USA Center for Disease Control at


Pet Waste Removal Prices for Homeowners

pet waste removal price chart

One-Time-Only (On-Demand) Prices

One-time-only dog waste removal price chart

Are you having a party, moving out, or selling a house? Have guests with dogs visiting your home? Call us and we'll eliminate billions of pathogens that can linger in your yard for up to three years.


Dog Waste Removal Testimonials Maria in backyard

Maria: 2005 – 2017. Her sweet spirit and unconditional devotion are the inspiration for Sgt. Poopers.

"I wish I could give Sgt Poopers more than five stars! Not only are they great at their job (rain or shine... winter or summer), Steve noticed that my gas meter was leaking (smelled the gas) in my backyard and alerted me immediately. An hour later, Atmos came out and confirmed the leak. They said we were lucky! I told them it wasn't me—it was Sgt Poopers! Thank you for taking care of not just my yard, but me and my family, too." J.M.

sgt poopers pin"The service on the doggie waste receptacles has been excellent!  We haven't run out of bags at any station, and from what I've observed while walking our dogs, the receptacles are rarely over half-full.  It is a big improvement over the situation that existed with our previous service provider. Keep up the good work! We really appreciate your efforts which benefit the whole neighborhood, as well as the dog-walkers who frequent our greenbelts from outside Greenway Parks." D.P.

"The team at Sgt Poopers is fantastic. Not only do they do a great job removing everything from my yard but they're friendly. I highly recommend the service!" A.R.

"We have 5 dogs in our house and they were impossible to keep up with. It was taking us hours to clean the yard every week, and we still weren't getting it completely clean. Sgt Poopers comes to the house on the same day every week, they don't disturb us at all while they're there, and they leave our yard totally spotless. When we initially called to try their service, the owner was extremely friendly, took my call fairly late in the evening, answered all our questions, and gave us our first week free. I really couldn't have expected any better, especially since the price is so reasonable. We will continue to be happy customers for the foreseeable future!" A.B.

Sgt. Poopers® Conservation Control Corps seal"Sgt. Poopers has the highest standard of service. I would not even think of using anyone else! I highly recommend them! You will be very pleased." S.H.

"My husband and I met Steve a couple of years back, I have to say that Steve is much more then a business owner and creator who not only delivers great service but has a true passion for what he does. Steve is one of a kind person who sees beyond more then delivering a great service and that’s creating a relationship with his clients and always thinking ahead of how he can make things better. A true genuine, honest, humble, highly detailed and smart man. See for yourself, he is only a call away! :)"  S.M.

"Steve and his team provide seamless service in that our lawn is clean and oder free. The outstanding product is pup safe, and they really care about their customers. Hats off and thumbs up!"  C.C.

"Steve and Sgt Poopers kept our yard of 5 dogs clean and fresh! They were discreet and prompt. Highly recommend!" C.G.

"I’ve used other companies like this before. But nothing compares to Sgt Poopers! Best prices, best staff, and all around great job. Steve does my yard. I can’t thank him enough for letting me know today that he smelt natural gas in my back porch. Atmos just left my house after detecting it. Steve not only called me once, but twice to make sure I got his message in a timely manner. Heart of gold. They really are amazing people. I couldn’t be happier with this company. And couldn’t be happier with Steve taking care of us! Thank you!!!" N.M.

"Steve is an amazing person and his crew is just awesome. Great Service! Really love it." S.M.

"Such a great local, independent company that really cares about their customers. The service is a walking into my backyard knowing that it's been taken care of, and we're not scrambling to play catch-up when guests come over. But the professionalism and friendliness is really what sets this company apart. I couldn't recommend them more highly!" J.B.

Sgt. Poopers® Brand Sign"Steve came out the same day I had inquired to clean up our messy backyard! He actually went out of his way to come out to our home which is out of his scope for the day. I was beyond impressed with the customer service and the clean up. I also loved that he let me know about the disinfectant spray that his company provides as an extra layer of protection on the ground to kill of germs and bacteria. I don't think I could a better fit for our home, dogs and family's well being. Thank you so much!" J.D.

"This service has been so great. We simply do not have time to do the poo pick up as often as it is needed. We have three large dogs and two kids who love to run a muck in the backyard. Since starting service, we play in the yard and toss the ball to the dogs without having to worry about where the land mines are. Steve is so sweet and helpful. He even saved us from quite a disaster by alerting us to the smell of natural gas outside. Low and behold, Atmos had a leak in a regulator pipe on the side of our yard. I would have never noticed that. Thanks, Steve! I highly recommend this company and service. Five stars all the way!" B.S.

"Sgt Poopers has done a great job keeping my backyard clean. Steve is incredibly easy to reach and he always answers quickly. Best money I spend each month." A.D.

"The technician did such a great job yesterday! I felt so bad since it had been a long while, but now it's so great having a clean, safe yard! He was prompt and very courteous. I look forward to using Sgt. Poopers for a long time to come!" S.K.

"We started using Sgt. Poopers more than 2 years ago when we were planning a backyard event at our home. I love their service!! They have never missed a day or a poop! Extremely reliable service. They are also great about putting the service on hold if I alert them we are traveling with or boarding our dogs. This is an extra bonus as I hate to waste money. My dogs also love their scooper! (I think it's mostly the great people the company hires, but perhaps helped by the treats they carry for your pets if you've given permission at sign-up!) The owner Steve really cares about his customers and keeping our yards clean and safe." C.C.

"Great service! I've never had to worry about them missing any of the giant bombs my dog lays." N.C.

"I worked for Sgt Poopers from 2008 until I retired in 2018. They gave me a job when no one else would due to age discrimination. The owners were always considerate and I can't recall ever having a single complaint about the company. They always paid on time and treated me with respect. I would recommend them to anyone interested in finding a stable position with people who care. The work is simple but requires a lot of walking and can be strenuous at times. You have to do a good job every time. A great place to work if you dont mind hard work and being outdoors." G.H.

"We have been using Sgt Pooper's and Royal for years! They are always on time and so kind! Rain or shine they are there to make our yard barefoot ready!" A.R.

"I've been using Sgt. Poopers to deal with my pup's poops for several years now, and I've never been disappointed. The guys are always on time, they are thorough, and they are always sweet to my dogs when they're out. If you're tired of your dog's crap, give Sgt. Poopers a call!!! :)" C.S.

"Sgt Poopers came over to help after my cat ruined a carpet. They used an ultraviolet system to show me where the damage was forensically. Was a huge help! Highly recommended." K.L.

"Great service to keep the yard clean! Two 80 lb. labs, need I say more?! Thanks!" R.B.

Bare feet in clean grass"The team at Sgt. Poopers is fantastic. Not only do they do a great job removing everything from my yard but they're friendly and always come with treats for my fur babies. I highly recommend the service!" A.R.

"We have been clients for a few months now, and I am SO pleased. We have 5 dogs in our house and they were impossible to keep up with. It was taking us hours to clean the yard every week, and we still weren't getting it completely clean. Sgt. Poopers comes to the house on the same day every week, they stay for close to an hour every time, don't disturb us at all while they're there, and they leave our yard totally spotless. When we initially called to try their service, the owner was extremely friendly, took my call fairly late in the evening, answered all our questions, and gave us our first week free. I really couldn't have expected any better, especially since the price is so reasonable. We will continue to be happy customers for the foreseeable future!" A.B.

Sgt. Poopers® Mascot, Maria 2006-2017"Very happy with my service from Sgt. Poopers. Steve is friendly and customer oriented, and the service efficiently and thoroughly cleaned up after our two large dogs. Highly recommended!" J.G.

"We used Sgt. Poopers for two years in 2009-2011 and had a great experience. Staff was friendly, they always performed their services on the day scheduled, and they were friendly to our dog. Then we moved and didn't need their service anymore. I reactivated our service in late 2013 - we had a few hiccups at first due to new staff, but they went above and beyond to make things right. We've been very pleased with Glenda and her service for months now. Highly recommend using Sgt. Poopers." S.R.

"Great company and fast services" A.S.

"Our backyard activities have increased greatly since using Sgt. Poopers! Your service is awesome." I.A.

"Sgt. Poopers does a great job and at a bargain price for such a great, thorough service. I recommend you to my friends all the time." B.S.

"We LOVE Sgt. Pooper's visits! With five dogs, your top-notch service has been very liberating for us!" C.C.

"We love your service! Whatever it costs, it is so worth it." C.E.

"We have enjoyed the comfort of your service" D.E.

"Our dog really seems to like it. It's been a big help." J.A.

"We LOVE your service!" E.E.

"We really love your service and think it's great. Your service is really awesome. I would recommend your service to anybody." D.W.

"Sgt. Poopers is the best thing I've ever purchased. Thanks for the great service!" J.W.

"We love the lady that comes. Ya'll have been great and I will continue to recommend your services to people." V.S.

"Your service is great by the way and I have recently recommended you to friends." B.B.

"Highly recommend these people are great." A.S.


Dog Waste Removal Summary

Sgt. Poopers® graphic from our original 2008 website

A polluted backyard is no walk in the park! Our procedures and protocols are designed to protect and conserve the most precious parkland of all — the one you call home. It’s like having a park ranger for your own backyard which is why we say, “We treat your yard like a National Park!” 

Sgt. Poopers is a conservation company, so our protocols are based on the principles of conservation. Our approach is common-sense, holistic, always safe, and 100% effective. Our methodology works and you will see immediate results. On top of everything else, no contract is required. We do not use toxic chemistry that can harm people or pets. We restore the balance of nature and make living environments safe for you, children, pets, and beneficial insects like honeybees and butterflies. Please tour our website to learn more. If you have any questions, please call us today at (214) 563-6379. For your convenience, you may also request services from this site.

Steve Hall, Conservation Advocate   signature

Steve Hall
CEO & President, Sgt. Poopers
Conservation Advocate

We would like to thank you for your interest in Sgt. Poopers. We look forward to serving you in the near future!

Proudly serving neighborhoods throughout greater Dallas, Texas

Monday–Friday: 8AM–8PM
Saturday: 8AM–5PM
Sunday: 9AM–8PM

(214) 563-6379

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